Egg menu

Egg menu

In «Smakolyk» breakfasts cheer your mornings!

Breakfast is one of the most important ingredients in achieving good health and good shape. Proper nutrition necessarily involves having breakfast. Moreover, it is sufficiently nutritious and caloric so that the energy is enough until the next meal (not including light snacks). A good and useful breakfast is the key to a productive day.

Eggs for breakfast – full the all day long

The problem is that after an hour or two of active morning activity, we become hungry. Naturally, saving calories and losing weight in this case fails. Meanwhile, scientists from the State University of Louisiana are ready to help us. They looked at the culinary preferences of ordinary Americans, and they came to the conclusion that omelette and egg lovers eat less during the day.

Can I eat eggs for breakfast every day?

Dr. Mikhail Gavrilov in his book “Food Corporation” gives an updated medical standard for the use of eggs. If you are on a diet for weight loss, limit animal fats and cholesterol, you can eat up to 8 eggs per week. This means that 1-2 eggs in the morning can be afforded almost every day. Let’s see why.

First of all, chicken egg contains a complete and easily digestible protein albumin. It perfectly “adjusts” our muscles after exercise and helps to get rid of unpleasant symptoms after the sport – swollen hands and feet and muscle aches. Albumin does not know how to “accumulate” in the body, and for the greater effect it is advised to use it in the morning and immediately after training. So after evening classes you can drink a protein cocktail or eat some proteins, but in the morning please yourself with an egg.

Scientifically proven fact, which proves in favor of eggs for breakfast, is that cholesterol of egg yolk does not “contaminate” our blood vessels, as it is rapidly neutralized by other components of the egg.