Healthy and tasty food

Healthy and tasty food is our core value

For more than seven years Smakolyk has been concerned about the health of its customers.

Healthy and delicious eating is our core value. You will learn how to eat healthy here because our dishes are prepared with only the best products. Furthermore, our menu includes the calorie count for each dish.

For example.Our goat’s milk cheeses are made exclusively from goat’s milk using traditional French technology on a farm in the village Dmytrovychi. Our Honeyis brought to an apiary farm in the hamlet Vydra by bees from the Brody district. This region is famous as a resort zone because clean water and air irrigate the land. And honey from this land is clean and healthy.Juicy and tender veal for «Smakolyk» is provided by our old friend Mr. Ivan.

Our cornmeal and brynza come from high in the Carpathian Mountains from Kosiv in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Furthermore, Smakolyk started cooperation with a farm in the village Polyana in the Lviv region. In its fields are cultivated «vital vegetables,» which are natural and organic. They are guaranteed to contain no chemicals. They have a high nutritional value and are rich in taste. Pest control is done by natural methods; weeds are destroyed mechanically or manually. These efforts guarantee the high quality and safety of the vegetables, which we use to cook delicious and nutritious meals for you.

And every day you can appreciate the taste and nutritional properties of one of our cereal grains: whole or ground buckwheat, barley, Artek wheat, Poltava wheat, pearl barley. These grains are organic. They do not contain residues of pesticides; they are grown without GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, growth stimulants, hormones. We trust the Support Center of Organic Production, because the label BIOLan guarantees the organic origin of the products that you and your family consume.

And enjoy our real yogurt that we make in the café from yogurt cultures. They are supplied to us by the Dairy and Meat Technological Institute. Drinks with live and active cultures are very good for the immune system, for restoring microflora, and for maintaining good health.

We are confident that you will appreciate this product!