Honey from “Vydra” farm

Honey from “Vydra” farm

Between Zolochev and Brody, in the maelstrom waters of the Dnieper and the Vistula,there are peaks that reach 500 meters above sea level, and that combined with clear ponds and lakes, it creates an incomparable landscape. At the background of the forests, mountains and waters rise scenic castles and ancient villages.

Near s.Pidhirtsi, on a steep hill, is Olesko, and below is a charming Baroque era church and Capuchin monastery. Then attracts Bilokamin Vishnevetskih the castle, which now resembles a ruin, and the south – Zolochiv Castle, whose history is closely linked to the life masters Sobieski. On the north side camped Brody Konetspolski castle and the old synagogue, and in the east, on a high mountain – Pidkamin of Dominican monastery. Two miles from Pidkaminya there is a Pochayiv Lavra – the second largest Orthodox monastery in Europe.

Ponykva lies in a valley surrounded by mountains. On the surface of the lake reflected the tops of poplars and wide- brimmed empirical Castle Palace, sinking in a huge park. On the contrary, far away in the darkness, one can see inscriptions “Zbraj” and “tripod”.

There are forests in Ponykva where idolatry cult survived until the XVIII century. Jacob Sobieski issued a decree, which ordered the people to refrain from pilgrimages to holy stone. That “holy” stone “tripod” – a giant rock in the figure of a snake on three legs. Nearby is the tract called “The Last Corner” where, according to legend, had done blood donations and fees witches and wizards.

The area is famous for its scenic beauty, with steep slopes, lush flora and specific climatic features.

Since ancient times, the region was famous as a resort area for clean water and air watered land. Polish nobles built here beautiful boarding house where you can get strength and health.

And the land of honey is pure and beneficial. Ponykva is in the heart of the wildlife. And the farm “Vydra” located here. This is where bees collected the best honey.