School of Excellence for Children!

School of Excellence for Children!

Classes for children and adults

For all friends of «Smakolyk» cafe and healthy food lovers we want to announce, from September we will hold master classes on cooking dishes from the healthy products of our store.

We will share the recipes of healthy and tasty dishes and preparation recipes too. And most importantly, YOU yourself prepare!

The first lesson will be 09.09.2017.
And now summer holidays!

Classes for kids will be conducted by skilled, cheerful chefs of caffee «Smakolyk»

Registration of participants in advance by phone: (032) 245-22-84, (096) 647 – 38-83

Meet the participants
at 10.45 pm
Beginning of classes
at 11.00 o’clock
2 hours

We provide you all necessary things

The price is 200 UAH.