Menu for little friends!

Menu for little friends!
270 gr
31.50 hr

Dairy cattle manna, oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, corn or other

290 gr
20.00 hr

Hot Toast “Triangles” with cheese, with poludytsya, with poludytseyu and cheese

1 pc.
9.00 hr

Chicken egg boiled

170 gr
47.00 hr

Peppa Pig oatmeal, apple, jam, jam, nut hazelnut

360 gr
75.00 hr

Shaun the Sheep omelet with cream, hard cheese, cucumber, tomato, olives, greens

200 gr
50.50 hr

Sonya Friends cheesecakes with raisins, tangerines, kiwi, dried cherries

310 gr
48.00 hr

Little butterfly pancake with banana, chocolate and dried cherries

280 gr
68.00 hr

Sponge Bob cabbage, mashed potatoes, cucumber, carrots cooked

250 gr
65.00 hr

Boo Bear chicken steam cups, boiled buckwheat, butter, cucumber, tomato, carrots, beets, olives

255 gr
70.00 hr

Fishing Crab fried hake, boiled rice, egg, tomato, olives, sea cabbage (lumonaria)