Special offer

“Smakolyk” is a mythBuster. Useful pastries are delicious.


1 pc.
25.00 UAH

Cupcake “Fantasy”

1 up. (90 g)
25.00 UAH

Cookie «Surprise»

1 pc.
15.00 UAH

Candy “Fitnes”

We have replaced:
Wheat flour – RICE FLOUR
Cow milk – MILK without lactose
White sugar – STEVE

And it contains the maximum of vitamins , which are necessary for our good health:
raisins + dried apricots + fig
+ walnut + hazelnut + almonds.

A real vitamin boom!
Very tasty!

Morning for gourmet

Weight, g Price, UAH
Bruschetta with light salted salmon, eggs pouch and cheese spinach sauce 300 150,00
Spinach pancake with a salmon and soft cheese cream  180 127,00


Fresh Mix
(apple, broccoli, lettuce, sweet pepper, sprouts and peanut sauce)
265 65,00
(carrot, celery, apple, walnut, raisins with olive oil or sour cream)
200 55,00
(raw beets, carrot, cauliflower, lemon juice, olive oil)
200 55,00
With grilled persimmon and baked beets
(feta cheese, mix of salads, olive oil)
225 80,00

First courses

Bean grass soup
(mash, lentil, vegetables)
300 47,00
Cream soup with white mushrooms 200 55,00
Fish soup
(from 3 varieties of fish)
270 90,00

Main courses

Paste with broccoli and white mushrooms
(with creamy sauce)
250 95,00
Fresh paste
(zucchini and Pesto sauce)
140 55,00

Traditional Lviv cuisine

Varenyky with potatoes 200 42,00
Varenyky with cabbage 200 45,00
Chopped potatoes 250 46,00