Winter menu

Winter menu

Welcome to Smakolyk!

healthy and tasty meal is our main value

  • is not just a daily choice for us
  • it is a way of life

we use organic food

  • our sheep’s milk cheese, corn flour and honey come from Carpathian villages
  • we buy the best meat in the city
  • we take our recipes from Grandma’s cookbooks
  • we use steam cooking technology for preparing our dishes
  • we make jam ourselves

your body obtains from our food

  • vitamins, minerals
  • proteins, fats, carbohydrates
  • and other elements
  • our menu includes a variety of meals for a balanced diet

everything we cook

  • is tasty and healthy
  • with the yummy sign
  • we mark the dishes we are extremely proud of

here healthy food becomes tasty

  • the name of our cafe has a special meaning in Ukrainian
  • it stands for something extremely delicious
  • and that is the most appropriate word to describe our cafe
  • as we really care about the dishes we prepare and serve